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*******OUR POLICY RELATING TO COVID-19: All items we have for sale have been cleaned, no sick employees will be at work, all stock sits for a minimum of 14 days before it ever gets listed. We will fall all guidelines set out by governments and the CDC to keep you safe when you order from us. ********

I love everything vintage (and antique), so when I found that unique item, that thing of beauty, or that antique treasure, I couldn't resist. The trouble was , after awhile I had so many beautiful treasures and nowhere to display them all, so I decided that I would share them with the world.

This was a win-win for me and you. I had the fun of finding them, enjoying them for a short period, and then selling them so you could enjoy them.

Peruse my store and find all kinds of vintage and antique treasures from around the world. Fall in love with that special item and with just a few clicks it can be in your home.

At everything vintage my focus is to bring you the best vintage and antiques at the best price in the best condition. But I also know how much everyone loves to find great discounts and so we have a discount section too! Be sure you check it out!

****Meet my staff - Sweet Pee the cat, Gidget, Little Roo, Jewels, and Luna - This means you may find dog fur on your items. We do our best to remove it, but we cannot guarantee it. You can see that Sweet Pea loves to be in control in the office, Gidget does whatever Sweet Pea tells her to do, Little Roo likes to be out looking for treasures, he drives every chance we give him, Jewels is with senior management and because she's an "old gal" she likes her naps leaving the work to us humans, and Luna is our youngest addition, who looks forward to her coffee breaks (or should we say ball breaks) more than anything. *****

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