Other vendors and sellers should be aware that SZ Kathleen or Randie.Kathleen https://www.facebook.com/randie.kathleen sells on Marketplace and buys on marketplace. 

The trouble is she buys high end cellular phones and then creates fake e-transfers. Of course it can take a bit for an e-transfer to go through so on trust my daughter allowed her father to leave - it looked exactly like a legit e-transfer.  Of course it never arrived. My daughter is trying to give her the benefit by texting her messaging here on Facebook and calling her Dad - all Kathleen SZ has to do is return the phone. otherwise pay for it, if not it will become a police matter. 

I know that this lady has 2 young children so we are trying to not disrupt her home life. She may not know that electronic fraud is a big problem with big consequences. But my daughter won't be able to wait much longer. If you see this Kathleen your options are phone, money, police.

Anyway after some research it seems that she's buying phones and not paying for them and then selling them. Because the phones she buys aren't active you can't block them or lock them. Smart lady. This is not cool! We are all struggling during these tough times. It's ironic about how she post she's a Christian - theft is not Christian behavior.

Anyway buyers/sellers in the Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum - well all of Vancouver Island Really should be careful if you are selling/buying from SZ Kathleen or her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/randie.kathleen