OMG I'm so excited. Not only have I cleaned up back stock, I found some great treasures this week including a host of little porcelain dogs. Watch for them they'll be listed soon. 

So here's the catch - While I've gotten all the photos taken I now have to get the listings done and that's where the slow part is. I don't know if any of you sell on Etsy or some other site, but the thing is it is so important to give your customers excellent detail so they can make a decision they won't be dissapointed with - so I not only describe the item, but I measure, find the maker, and the condition - what this means is listings can be slow going up and for you my customer it can be frustrating waiting but please be patient, because now you not only have Etsy where you can find us, we are right here with our own website and that is very exciting!!! Please explore both!

Today's goal, now that I'm back from all my appointments, is to start listing and that beautiful paperweight is one of the items. However, there are tons more. In the next week or so you can expect about 500 items to go up, and I've also got new listings for the clothing store over at Poshmark, so ladies (and gents) take a cruise over there and see if there's anything to add to your spring wardrobe.

Also remember Easter and Mother's Day will be here soon, so start getting your shopping done.

Happy Friday Shopping!


Everything Vintage BC Paperweight