So it would seem the world is changing on a minute by minute basis and that we are being forced into social separation as a way to reduce the risk of getting Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Many stores are closing or reducing hours, schools are coming to a halt, people are working from home, so what does this do for online shopping. Now I'm not an expert but I would think that people would turn to more online shopping, at least that's what I've done. You see science says that boxes are not a good surface for the virus to travel, and any item you might order the virus would be dead by the time it arrives at you.

For my store and Etsy store you can rest assured that your items will be save. Here's why - I am practicing social distancing, I wear a new pair of rubber gloves for each item I prepare for shipping, each of our items are cleaned with a sanitizing product (that's not just now but always) and items that are not able to have a sanitizing product are cleaned in other ways, we use ultraviolet light to make sure that there is no germs or anything else left on items. We also clean our space in the same manner. That means there's no COVID-19 or anything else in our store, so relax, kick back and do a little shopping. It will remove the stress just a little bit.

I think that what's important here is using our common sense and making sure that you take care of you and your family. For me, I have a daughter that had cancer and has a compromised immune system so I take exceptional care in staying safe to keep her safe. COVID-19 is always on my mind so rest assured that your items are coming to you safe.

In the mean time stay safe, stay smart, and don't stop shopping whether it's at Everything VIntage BC or Everything Vintage BC Etsy or anywhere else!

Stay Well