As spring arives, I sit here eating a bowl of ice cream thinking about how I'm going to deal with my spring shopping. 

Amazon's a great place to get your flower seeds. Amazon flower seeds are reasonably priced. I also discovered I could buy my garden tools, bird houses, bird baths, and just about anything else I might need right on Amazon without stressing about finding a garden center that's open and then exposing myself possibly to the dreaded COVID-19 virus. Yay.

Then there's Mother's Day in May. There would be no getting together but I still wanted to have something nice for my Mom. She's getting older and I like to find something special. Ironically that was as simple as looking at my own stock. I encourage you to have a look around the store Everything Vintage BC . There's just so much to choose from. Every day I'm listing new items, and with more than a 1000 items you are sure to find something you love. 

Then I decided it was time to get some new clothes for the Spring/Summer season. I've lost some weight so my clothes from last season don't fit. My weight fluctuates a lot so I tend to hang on to clothes, but this season I wanted some new things. Maybe it's the Coronavirus that's got me feeling like I need a new look, or maybe it's just because this year is a big birthday and I feel like I want to freshen my look. 

At any rate I have my own store over at Poshmark with more than 300 items of clothing and so I'm already familiar with the great deals you can find over there, but you should be sure to check it out. It's a very interesting market place that has so much to offer in every size. I save a bundle shopping over there!

If we are looking ahead, next is Father's Day and it's a reality that we might still be in lockdown, so make sure to pop by our Men's Dept right here at Everything Vintage BC. You might also check out our art, collectibles, and antique departments - you just never know what you might find for Dad.

If you are looking for gifts for a man or woman, I love this site. Her work is such quality and she's quite a metal smith. Plus she does all kinds of custom work. One of my favorite things she makes is her Fuck Cancer bracelets, which she makes for men and women. Anyone that's been affected by cancer love these bracelets. Check out her website Vanisland Ventura. Her pieces are a real deal for the quality. She has much more than she has in her store. Check this shop out.

There are tons of reputable online stores you can buy just about anything from. It's a great way to get everything you need without having to go out - it takes a lot of worry away from whether you'll be exposed to COVID-19. This is a great time to get more comfortable with online shopping if you are new to it. Just make sure you do your research before you make the purchase. Check feedback  to make sure it's a company you can trust. Checkout shipping details. Some vendors include shipping, some add it on, some shipping prices are  very high, others much reasonable. Know before you buy! Shipping in Canada is quite expensive compare to the US so keep that in mind.

It seems like COVID-19 is going to be here for sometime going forward, so why not start to switch your shopping towards online and spend less time in lineups wasting your time, and worrying about exposure.

Happy Shopping!