Father's day will be here before long and while many stores are opening up, many of us are still hesistant to head out shopping. If you prefer to continue doing your shopping online, I personally understand. Myself I am a lazy shopper at the best of time. I like to search, find, and buy without ever leaving my desk, and seldom am I disappointed. And I always make sure to buy from a company that's return policy works for me.

So what are some ideas for father's day? 

Well there are always those traditional gifts like cologne, after shave, sports, but why not think a little outside the box this year. 

For the horse lover how about a  horse beer mug or tankard

For the bottle collector check out this old black bottle

For the stein collector this nude lithophane stein is a great find

For the glass collector these antique glass candlesticks are a must have

For the native art collector this Jim Yule Nootka Wood Raven Head Carving is a real steal or this Coast Salish Whale is a must have

For the Dad with an attachement to the north or to polar bears this polar bear painting on slate is awesome

There's a gift out there for for every dad and for every price point.

  1. Start by deciding how much money you would like to spend
  2. Then think about what your Dad's interests are - make a list
  3. That's it you've done the hard work - now just start searching online - be aware whether shipping is included or extra. I prefer to seek out items that shipping is included or a flat fee. If shipping is extra you'll have to include this as part of the total so that you can stay within your budget.
  4. Make sure that you check the reviews of a seller or store before you make your purchase. You don't want to be dissapointed. Sure no one is perfect so having a few bad reviews isn't a deal breaker but if you see consistently that a seller is a slow shipper or that there item value is not there, then you might want to look for another seller with the same item or a similar item.

Before long you will have the perfect gift for your Dad. 

But remember - don't wait until the last minute to shop online. COVID-19 has resulted in delayed shipments and we don't want you or your dad dissapointed. 

As the COVID-19 lockins are slowly released and we are allowed out of our homes and as businesses begin to open up, I personally think that now more than ever we need to practice due dillagence and be extra careful, because this is when things could get really crazy.

Stay safe!