First, I want to apologize for taking so long to post again and update you all. During the middle of June I was out for a hike with my dog and I had a hiking accident. I slid down a bank and shattered my ankle and my foot. I actually crawled out on my butt - haha - not something I recommend to anyone (no cell coverage). So as you can imagine that put my world into a spin. 

While the store kept operating smoothly, I had to designate my duties to others and I had to rely on friends and family at home, since this is where I was confined to much of the time, at least for the first few weeks. 

Then I got myself setup so I could at least get out hunting for great finds. And boy did I have a blast. With the day to day in the hands of another, I had nothing but healing and shopping on my mind. COVID 19 certainly changed the away way these treasure hunting adventures were carried out, but as always when  it came to stock and ourselves we took every precaustion and I found some amazing treasures that I simply can't wait to get up into the store. 

My cast is off, my physiotherapy continues, but I'm feeling more like my energetic self. I'm busy getting items up and listed so make sure you stop by often. I'm also starting to get items ready to be listed for the Christmas season. I'm going to have some great gift options for every spending budget. I hope you drop by to check things out. 

Here's to a beautiful autumn season for all of us. Stay safe!